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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
bitwise_serializableSimple structs/classes are bitwise serializable
cancel_tuner< Tag, check_deps, Hasher, Equality >Step tuner with convenient cancelation capabilities
chunk< T, Allocator >Serialization of arrays with and without automatic memory handling
cnc_equal< T >Provides equality operators for hashing
cnc_equal< std::string >Equality for std::string
cnc_hash< T >Provides hash operators for hashing
cnc_hash< std::string >Hash for std::string
cnc_tag_hash_compare< T >Provides hash and equality operators for hashing as used by item_collections
serializer::construct_array< T, Allocator >Allocates an array of type T and size num in pointer variable arrVar
context< Derived >CnC context bringing together collections (for steps, items and tags)
debugDebugging interface providing tracing and timing capabilities
default_partitioner< grainSize >Interface for partitioners: configuring how ranges are partitioned
serializer::destruct_array< T, Allocator >Destructs the array of type T and isze num at arrVar and resets arrVar to NULL
dist_cnc_init< C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 >
explicitly_serializableSpecifies serialization category: explicit serialization via a "serialize" function
graphBase class for defining and using CnC (sub-)graphs
hashmap_tunerThe tuner base for hashmap-based item-tuners
item_collection< Tag, Item, Tuner >An item collection is a mapping from tags to items
item_tuner< TT >Default implementations of the item-tuner interface for item-collections
pfor_tuner< check_deps, Partitioner >Default (NOP) implementations of the pfor_tuner interface
preserve_tuner< Tag, H, E >
serializerHandles serilialization of data-objects
step_collection< UserStep, Tuner >A step collection is logical set of step instances
step_tuner< check_deps >Default (NOP) implementations of the step_tuner interface
item_tuner< TT >::table_type< Tag, Item, Coll >Defines the type of the internal data store
tag_collection< Tag, Tuner >A tag collection is a set of tags of the same type. It is used to prescribe steps. By default, tags are not stored
tag_partitioner< grainSize >
tag_tuner< Range, Partitioner >Default implementations of the tag-tuner interface for tag-collections
vector_tunerThe tuner base for vector-based item-tuners
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